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This report contains a vast amount of data - to help pull out insights most relevant to you, please see these reading pathways through the report, themed around different topic areas and audiences. Please note: there is some overlap between sections since some insights cross multiple themes.

2022 in 10 minutes


Want to make sense of 2022, but don't have much time? Or simply want to start with the top-line view? We've painstakingly whittled down the report to the most fundamental and useful findings of the year, so that you can peruse the highlights reel in just 10 minutes.

In this reading track:

  • Tech investment projected to reach $85bn
  • IPO markets shut down, US investor retreat, and widespread layoffs
  • Europe doubles down on purpose, self-reliance, and sustainable growth
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🌤 Editor's choice


Despite the gloomy headlines, we have emerged from the process of writing this report feeling optimistic about Europe's opportunities. Here, report co-author Sarah Guemouri explores the data and insights that underpin this feeling.

In this reading track:

  • Tech insiders' positive outlook and optimism
  • Tech, as a motor for growth, progress and hope
  • Greatest pipeline of talent we have ever had
  • Role models for the next-gen of talent
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State of DEI


Underrepresented founders still face high barriers with year-on-year progress virtually inexistent from a bird's-eye view. But change is on the horizon at the early stages that stand to ripple through the full capital stack over time.

In this reading track:

  • Losing ground with little funding going into diverse team
  • Silver lining at the early stages to kick off the flywheel
  • Role models for the next generation of founders
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Tech and purpose


Tech is a tool for amplifying and accelerating progress, and can have an outsized positive impact. Commitment to purpose-driven companies has remained strong despite the macroeconomic headwinds.

In this reading track:

  • Europe bucking the trend: investment in purpose tech growing, not slowing
  • The Sustainable Development Goals that received the most attention from investors
  • An update on Diversity and Inclusion: progress lags despite new efforts
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Regional Trends


European tech is at a turning point, with funding reaching more diverse countries than ever, and an increasingly decentralised talent pool. But there is still more to be done, including improving the representation of women founders.

In this reading track:

  • The economic contribution of tech to Europe
  • Record levels of dry powder are ready to be injected into the ecosystem
  • The talent pool is stronger than ever before
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2022 in 20 minutes


It’s been a challenging year for Europe, and tech has not been immune: founders today find themselves in a new fundraising and operating reality. But there are reasons to stay hopeful, as the ecosystem uses this period of recalibration to grow its resilience.

In this reading track:

  • Despite a strong start to the year, tech investment is projected to reach $85bn - short of last year’s record +$100bn
  • The macro environment has led to slowed IPO markets, US investor retreat, and widespread layoffs
  • As the sector recalibrates, Europe doubles down on purpose, self-reliance, and sustainable growth
  • Record levels of dry powder are ready to be deployed
  • The talent pool has matured, and 77% have increased their confidence in European tech's future
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The path to exit


This year saw a marked slowdown in exits, with the IPO window all but slamming shut. We explore how founders, VCs, and LPs are feeling about this, where the pressure points lie, and, crucially, where opportunities remain.

In this reading track:

  • How founders are navigating a trickier exit environment
  • The new prevalence of bridge rounds
  • SPACs a year on
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Supportive policies


Atomico and Form Ventures have teamed up to survey different policy initiatives across Europe, aimed at supporting entrepreneurial ecosystems. Take a look at the subsequent slices of data here.

In this reading track:

  • Overview heatmap of different policy types across Europe
  • Country-by-country policy lists
  • Policy initiatives listed by theme
  • Links to much more detail - and an opportunity to contribute! - in each section
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Ukraine in the spotlight 🇺🇦


This year was marked by the Russo-Ukrainian war, and the bravery of the Ukrainian people in fighting for freedom and sovereignty. This section highlights tech's role in that effort, drawing on insight from our partners at TechUkraine. For more detail, read their recent report here.

In this reading track:

  • Tech's ability to foster resilient economies
  • Star Ukrainian unicorns and the role they have played in defence efforts
  • Tech as a force for rebuilding, both now and once peace is won
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Climate tech


This period of recalibration is an opportunity for the tech ecosystem to define the role it wants to play in the future economy, as Europe doubles down on climate. We explore the headline data on how tech is contributing to a more sustainable future.

In this reading track:

  • Climate tech investment up 4x since 2018
  • Climate Action receives the most investment of any SDG
  • Deep tech companies increasingly turn toward sustainability
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